The Challenge:

Today’s nonprofits do business in a very complex environment which often is a major obstacle to the organization’s work. While accommodation is sometimes necessary, a more constructive reaction often involves advocacy. The successful nonprofit participates in numerous efforts to change its environment so that it will be more supportive of the people being served. Advocacy can take many forms such as:

• Joining or forming associations and networks that have the power of numbers.
• Organizing consumers, family members, board members, and staff to advocate for a particular change.
• Developing voter education and get out the vote campaigns
• Writing and presenting testimony on a key issue.
• Developing a media campaign for a desired change.
• Visiting legislators to advocate for a particular piece of legislation

“Betsy has been a very effective advocate on behalf of human service direct care workers. She helped found the Western Mass Service Providers, one of the most successful regional ventures in the state, served on numerous association boards, and led her agency’s Public Policy Committee in many successful advocacy efforts.”

Michael Weekes: Executive Director of the Massachusetts Council of Human Service Providers