Executive Coaching

The Challenge:

Being at the top of an organization is very lonely. Colleagues are also competitors. Board members are one’s boss and often have a limited understanding of the organization. Staff members in the organization are supervisees. All of these people can be good colleagues, but there are many organizational issues that it is unwise to discuss with any of them.

An Executive Coach provides a confidential forum for the Executive Director to talk through those issues that he or she doesn’t feel ready to discuss with people inside the organization. Prime topics might be personnel issues, major reorganizations that run a high probability of resistance, future development opportunities that again may be controversial. It is the Director’s time to think out loud and get feedback in a supportive and private setting.

“The monthly meeting with Betsy is a time to think about new entrepreneurial ventures and about our long term future.”

Richard Venne, President/CEO, Community Enterprises

“The Association has grown rapidly in recent years. Betsy assisted me in thinking through how to reorganize to accommodate past and future growth.”

Barbara Pilarcik, Division Director, Intensive Residential Supports and Specialized Home Care, Association for Community Living