Strategic Planning and Change Management

The Challenge:

The world that nonprofits face today is radically different than it was even a decade ago. The decline of federal and state support for social, educational,and artistic causes is paramount. New technology presents both opportunities and challenges. The increasing importance of private philanthropy to organizations is evident. The “succession crisis” as the baby boomer generation moves on to retirement is already beginning. Nonprofits must have a creative and very flexible plan to meet these and other challenges and must organize tightly to ensure that the plan gets implemented.

Helping an organization institutionalize strategic thinking and thoughtful change into its everyday organizational life has many components:

• Accurate assessment of organizational strengths and weaknesses of its many stakeholders.
• Accurate understanding of the threats and opportunities in the environment.
• Assistance in developing a compelling but achievable vision for the organization.
• Help in establishing achievable goals and objectives
• Monitoring of progress including making frequent mid-course corrections as circumstances demand


“Betsy did an excellent job of facilitating MCDI’s strategic plan. Her use of both a small steering committee and a large group event enabled us to get wide participation while still producing a fine plan within a short period of time.”

Timothy Sneed, Executive Director, Massachusetts Career Development Institute, Inc