Team Development, Conflict Resolution and
Meeting Facilitation

The Challenge:

Managing today’s nonprofit is tough work. Resources are scarce, leading to high levels of stress and turnover. Often the nature of the work itself is uncertain and very challenging. Serving disadvantaged people, providing emergency relief, meeting the community’s artistic needs are careers that often don’t follow a familiar road map . In this environment, it is not surprising that work groups often feel stuck, or that groups recycle unresolved. conflicts. In these cases, often a facilitator is able to help the group confront the issues and develop more productive ways of working together.

Team development sessions always need to start with a solid assessment of the specific issues involved. Each organization is different and each needs an individually designed process. A third party facilitator can be useful in making sure that all voices are heard accurately and that solutions involve all members of the team.

“Betsy draws on much experience and many resolution models to bring acceptable outcomes to parties with
differing needs.”

Kathy Wilson, President/CEO of Behavioral Health Network